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Lower Back Pain - Treatment at Home

At Personal Care Physical Therapy, we offer comprehensive back pain treatment programs by board-certified & skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy. We serve the Treasure Coast, aiming to help people stay fit, healthy, and mobile without unnecessary pain medications, injections, or surgery.

Our Treatment For Low Back Pain - Personal Care Physical Therapy

Exercise therapy: Focus on strengthening the muscles in the back and core, increasing flexibility, and improving posture. 

Manual therapy: Hands-on techniques like massage, joint mobilization, or spinal manipulation to alleviate pain and improve mobility.

Modalities: Modalities such as electrical stimulation or ultrasound, to help reduce pain and inflammation.

Education: Education on proper body mechanics and ergonomics to help prevent future back pain episodes.

Lower Back Pain Relief - Lifestyle Modifications & Ergonomics

Lifestyle modifications are important to managing low back pain & spinal health. In addition to exercises, your therapist may recommend modifications such as:

  • Practicing good posture: both while sitting and standing, can help reduce stress on the lower back.

  • Ergonomic adjustments: such as using proper lumbar support while sitting and lifting objects correctly, can further minimize strain on the back.

  • Proper Sleep Hygiene:  such as supportive mattresses and pillows that can aid in maintaining a healthy back.

Consulting with a therapist can provide personalized guidance on lifestyle modifications specific to managing low back pain effectively.

If you are seeking relief back pain treatment near you, Personal Care Physical Therapy offers effective outpatient low back treatment plans, in the comfort of your home. Our experienced therapists provide house calls across Port St Lucie, Stuart, Jensen Beach & Palm City in South Florida, specializing in treating lower back pain, and will work with you to eliminate pain.

Patient Testimonials

"My wife and I have been using Personal Care for a few months and have been so grateful for their services. My low back pain and my wife's neck pain has drastically improved and we have been able to get back to playing tennis and golf. Super dependable, professional, and top quality hands on care that comes to the home! We are so grateful we found you!"

Tom, Patient

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