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Dry Needling Physical Therapy at Home

Navigate through a transformative journey towards alleviation, wellness and pain relief, through specialized Physical Therapy dry needling techniques. At Personal Care Physical Therapy, we bring dry needling specialists right to your doorstep, across the Treasure Coast of South Florida. Explore an integrated model that envelops your therapeutic needs within a comforting, familiar environment, facilitating an intimate pathway towards healing.

Benefits of Dry Needling


Targeted Pain Alleviation

Exceptional at addressing specific pain points such as for back pain, knee pain, and neck pain.


Mitigating Muscle Tension

Effective for muscle knots and spasms, releasing tension through precise needle insertions.


Advanced Tech

Promoting freer movement by alleviating pain and reducing muscular stiffness.


Stress Reduction

Engendering a state of relaxation and serenity amidst the hustle of daily life

These benefits collectively address many physical adversities by reducing soreness and inflammation, releasing trigger points, boosting blood flow, & more!

Why Choose At-Home Therapy?

Choosing our At-Home Dry Needling services catered to residents in South Florida, transcends mere convenience. It is a choice of cultivating a healing environment within the sanctity of your own space. If you’re searching for pain relief, try “dry needling therapy near me”, providing:

  • Customized Sessions: Aligned with your specific pain points and therapeutic needs.

  • Unhindered Comfort: Post-therapy relaxation is crucial, and what better place than home to unwind?

  • Adaptability: Therapies that are molded to fit your unique home environment and lifestyle.

Tom, Patient

"My wife and I have been using Personal Care for a few months and have been so grateful for their services. My low back pain and my wife's neck pain has drastically improved and we have been able to get back to playing tennis and golf. Super dependable, professional, and top quality hands on care that comes to the home! 

Celeste, Patient

"James helped me with a difficult Achilles injury that was preventing me fromplaying tennis. On top of being extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and professional, he has a wonderful, kind manner and really listens and truly cares. I highly recommend him!!!"
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