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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Care Physical Therapy - FAQ's

What Is Outpatient Physical Therapy and How is it Performed in the Home?

Outpatient Physical Therapy focuses on restoring activity, physical health and mobility, while preventing and minimizing future risk of injury. Outpatient Physical Therapy can be carried out in many different locations such as hospitals, private clinics, doctor’s offices, and in the home. Therapy is performed two to three times a week for a minimum of four weeks, or longer depending on each individual's case. When performed in the home, therapists bring all supplies, including a table, equipment and tools needed for in-home therapy and deliver personalized one-on-one attention that speeds up recovery. Receiving therapy within your home allows the therapist to customize a program specific to your lifestyle, while utilizing many of the same tools and equipment found in a clinic.  

What Are the Benefits of In-Home Outpatient Physical Therapy?

Flexibility. The convenience of in-home therapy is why most patients choose home based physical therapy and/or occupational therapy. This eliminates the need to drive to a clinic, wait for your therapist, or share time with other patients during your session. 

One-on-one Care. In Home Physical & Occupational Therapy allows for one-on-one personalized attention in the comfort of your home. When treated at home, patients are receiving a higher quality of care and attention, resulting in quicker recovery.

If you are looking to avoid unnecessary medications or surgery, Physical and Occupational Therapy is for you! If you are looking for convenience, personalized attention and less time spent in medical offices, in-home therapy is the way to go!

Who Is Physical Therapy for?

Physical Therapists can treat people of all ages facing injuries, medical/physical conditions that limit regular activity, or simply to prevent injury. Individuals who want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, and prevent future conditions can receive physical therapy at Personal Care Physical Therapy. 

Our therapists will keep you active by improving balance, mobility, strength and treating previous or current conditions. 

What is the difference between Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy

Whereas Physical Therapists focus on improving an individual’s ability to better move their body, Occupational therapists focus on improving an individual’s ability to perform and participate in tasks and activities of daily living. 

Therefore, Physical Therapists focuses on addressing physical impairments, while Occupational Therapists will also address psychological, cognitive, and sensory factors.

How Long Does a Typical Session Last? 

The duration of your physical therapy session can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the nature and severity of your condition or injury, and your response to the therapy.

In general, clients can expect a session to range anywhere from 40-50 minutes. During your first session with Personal Care Physical Therapy, your therapist will determine and discuss the appropriate session length for you, that will deliver optimal results. 

Do I Need a Referral to start Physical Therapy and/or Occupational Therapy?

No, you do not need a referral to start therapy. Florida is a direct access state, allowing you quick access to physical therapy or occupational therapy without a physician’s referral, saving you money and time.


In Florida, you can see a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist for 30 days without a referral. If you wish to receive therapy longer than 30 days, your therapist will discuss helping get a referral or order signed by your doctor.

How Do I Know If I Need Physical Therapy?

If you're experiencing pain, discomfort, difficulty performing daily tasks, or limited mobility due to surgery, an injury, or a chronic condition, it could be beneficial to look into physical therapy. To determine if this is the appropriate solution for you, you should always speak to a licensed physical therapist. 

At Personal Care Physical Therapy, we offer free phone consultations prior to booking your appointment. We'll assess your medical history, symptoms, and functional limitations in order to develop a personalized treatment plan and give you a professional recommendation. We travel to patients homes and serve Port Saint Lucie, Stuart, Palm City and Jensen Beach.

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Daniel Nass, Chiropractor & Patient

As someone I have worked closely with for many years, James Raytsin, PT, DPT provides the highest quality care with compassion and personalized attention to all of his patients. I have personally seen him treat many patients and have utilized his services for my own chronic cervical pain. I am so thankful for his services to drastically decrease my pain. I would highly recommend Dr. James if you are looking for an experienced therapist that truly cares for their patients.

Agnes H., Patient

Dr. James is a professional and highly skilled physical therapist. He is gentle yet his treatments are very effective.
He comes to your home and accepts Medicare.
If you are having any pain that might benefit from physical therapy I would make an appointment with him.

Vera D., Patient

James is an incredible physical therapist. I had many neck and shoulder issues of my own from sitting at my desk for many hours at a time. Dr. James was able to give me amazing advice and make the adjustments I needed to improve my posture and pain symptoms. Personally, I would advocate for his services to treat anyone who wants the highest level of care in their own home. Overall great person who is very pleasant and professional.

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