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Balance Disorder Treatments at Home

At Personal Care Physical Therapy, our balance and vestibular rehabilitation programs focus on the conditions that affect the vestibular system, which may result in dizziness, vertigo, difficulties in coordination, and unsteadiness. Our specialized team, serving Port St Lucie, Stuart, Jensen Beach & Palm City will work with you to regain balance and reduce the impact of balance disorders.

Senior Physiotherapy

What We Treat 

Vertigo: Therapists use specific exercises & maneuvers to help reduce dizziness & improve balance

Neuropathy: Nerve damage that may result in weakness, numbness or pain. Therapists cater specific rehabilitation to improving strength, balance, lifestyle modifications.

Neurological Conditions: Balance disorders may be common in individuals with conditions such as Parkinson's, stroke or multiple sclerosis. Our highly experience Physical and Occupational Therapists use specialized techniques that address underlying issues of balance deficits to improve overfall mobility and strength.

Age-Related Balance and Gait Disorders: Our therapists develop tailored programs to enhance flexibility, strength, improve balance and avoid risk of falls.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for balance disorders may vary depending on a patients medical history, lifestyle and symptoms. The most common treatment options include specialized vestibular therapy programs by experienced therapists, gait training, canalith repositioning procedures, modifications to lifestyle and recommendations for assistive devices.

It is important to note that balance therapy treatments should be guided by specialists.

Patient Testimonials

Senior Physiotherapy
"Dr. James has been working on my Mother and Father now for over a year. They have separate issues and require individual technique and care. We fully expected my Father to be in a wheelchair. Since seeing Dr James my Dad is now significantly more mobile and his balance has improved immensely, and my Mom has started hitting tennis balls against a wall. My sister and I are truly amazed and we haven’t had to speak with the insurance company. They’re admin has handled everything. It’s really been unbelievable. Ty!!"

Rick, Patient's Son

Symptoms Of a Balance Disorder

  • Difficulty getting out of a chair or car

  • Difficulty stepping off a curb

  • Difficulty climbing stairs

  • Feeling disoriented

  • Staggering when walking

  • Falls at home or in the community​

  • Migraines

Our Approach

  • Our Physical and Occupational Therapists help individuals with balance disorders through rehabilitation exercises and therapies that target specific areas of the body and brain to improve balance and coordination. Treatment plans are individualized to the patient's needs and goals, and may include exercises to improve strength and flexibility, balance training, gait training, and education on fall prevention techniques.

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